Admission to NLTC is open to:

  • Members of New Life Christian Center Alabang
  • New Life Network churches and affiliates,
  • Born-again Christian believers from other churches, both national and international.
  • NLTC does not have an age limit. Pending the application of a minor, we are requiring a document of parental consent. Pending the application of a Senior Citizen, we are requiring a medical clearance.

Admission Requirements:

Full-time Students
  • Online application form
  • *Pastoral Recommendation (to be filled out by the Lead Pastor/Ministry Head through online)
  • *Personal Reference Recommendation (to be filled out by the Applicant's Personal Reference through online)
  • Scanned Copy of Commitment to Honor Form
  • Scanned Copy of NBI Clearance (issued within 3 months prior to enrollment for Local Applicants)
  • Scanned Copy of Proof of legal permission to reside and/or study in the Philippines for International Applicants
  • Scanned Copy of Medical clearance with chest X-Ray result (issued within 3 months prior to enrollment)
  • Approval and Consent Form for Minors
  • Take Assessment Exam at NLTC office
  • Interview
  • Training Fee
  • **Scanned Copy of First Year Training Fee - Payment Clause
  • **Scanned Copy of Second Year Training Fee - Payment Clause

All international students bear the sole responsibility for compliance to Philippine immigration requirements. NLTC is not responsible for monthly expenses, including food and lodging.
* NLTC will send an email to the respective Lead Pastor/Ministry Head and Personal Reference (provided by someone who knows the applicant aside from family members or relative).
** Students will sign an agreement for their chosen plan stated in the Payment Clause. School fees are non-refundable.
For New Life Alabang staff: NBI and Medical clearances are not required.
Please email the scanned copy of requirements at

NLTC and its programs are not recognized by any Philippine educational regulatory body.

Welcome to Newlife Training Center! We offer a one-year and two-year Bible training program.

We are so glad that you have made this quality decision to enroll at Newlife Training Center. Our online procedure will help facilitate and guide you through the application process quickly and easily.